Company Profile

Established in 2015 by experienced professional founders, Seven Seas is a new company full of fresh energy and ready to cope with the quick developments the world of freight forwarding is undergoing.

Transport and logistic world is rapidly changing, its pace is getting increasingly faster and faster but often interrupted by any sort of lacks in the system flow or new regulations or even trends. And it is right in these situations that the long and variegated experience of each of our people becomes the key to overpass the frequent issues or system fails with innovative ways and makes the relationship to the customers and partners smoother and mutually proficient.

We put the customer at the center, our biz plan includes observing customers' needs and activities to provide quality services in the matter, in the processes, in the way and in the outcome.

If flexibility in a dynamic context and a nimble organization are the hallmarks of the company, 'Qualified in Quality' is our motto which at the end of the day wants to be a new point of view in the scenario of the shipping world in a comprehensive and in-depth approach to offer quality solutions for even the most complex service demands.

We believe in quality information: we supply the client with custom tailored information. We work together with our clients, side by side, so that we can provide them with tailor made solutions to their needs, in strict compliance with all customs related laws. We make follow-ups on ongoing-basis for each job, offering updates and monitoring each shipment.

Passion and know how are our means to achieve customer satisfaction by working at his side and by optimizing the costs and the time of execution with a tension to improve little more, every day. Forwarding is a polyvalent job covering many various competences and regarding air, sea, truck and rail shipments, multimodal transports, always new security issues, insurance on transports and a very delicate part is represented by legal and fiscal customs related issues. These areas can present complications for a customer alone, therefore our scope is to assist the clients and guide them to the correct choices: this may mean selecting the most fitting Incoterm for the transport or sale mode, or counselling them on insurance, licenses, royalties, custom entries, VAT, customs nomenclature, preferential origin themes... or even suggesting a different port of loading. All of these issues must be evaluated and the correct choices must be made.

Our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator - Full) certification is the guarantee of the quality and seriousness we are engaged to provide in all operations, customs, logistics and paperwork matters we handle on customers' behalf.

Working with a network of partners, rapidly growing on geographical coverage, Seven Seas employs a team of professional following up each transaction to/from Italian ports and airports, and cooperates with qualified partners worldwide.

The company efforts towards maximum efficiency in all aspects of our business have been rewarded with an ISO 9001 : 2008 certification for Quality Management Systems.

Ready to embrace new challenges, Seven Seas pays a great attention to ethical code in law and regulations compliance, to honesty and fairness in business management and commitment to duty, to the staff qualification and high value training, to the diffusion of the work culture and to the promotion of new projects. Welcome to Seven Seas world!